We brought email search and verification to where your data is.
To your Google Sheets

Save your time in having to learn multiple web app’s and reload your data between them. Leave this clutter behind

Validate your email address list, big or small

Connect to the real customers. Check your email list validity before you hit that send button. Sending to invalid email addresses not only hurts marketing ROI. Even worse, It kills your sender reputation.
  • One-by-one and batch verification
  • Accept-all domain detection
  • Email address syntax check
  • Anti-greylisting mechanism (temporary blocked bypass)
What results do I get?
Generally you get ‘Valid’, ‘Vaiid (accept-all)’, Invalid or Uknown. As name suggests it’s perfectly safe to send if it’s ‘Valid’
Do you send actual email to verify?
We never send emails to verify addresses. We try to connect to the receiving server instead and read the server response
“Good and easy to use”
February 12, 2021
“Best tools for spreadsheet i've ever seen in my life.
Truly useful”
January 3, 2021
“Works very well with minimal input”
November 18, 2020

Find business emails by name and company domain

You would like to connect to your business partners via email outreach. You want it fast and without spending much time on building your mailing list.
  • Professional email address lookup by name and company domain
  • Ease of use for bulk email search
  • Broad coverage of business email domains
What happens to my data?
Your data remains yours. We never collect or store the data you input, we do not store emails. Check our Privacy policy for details
How accurate is the FInder?
As accurate as it gets:) We covering about tens of millions of business email domains now and work to grow the coverage

Pay for what you get

We do not charge credits
if we can not find or validate
an email address.

Pay as you go

No subscription. No hidden costs.
Use credits when you need.
Your credits never expire.

Free credits

Want to play around to test?
No worries, we provide sufficient
free credits.